Administrative Appointments

Stephen M. Black is currently a Regents Professor with Georgia Regents University, but he also holds two administrative positions with the school. He was named the Chief of the Program in Pulmonary Vascular Disease in July of 2007. One year later, Stephen M. Black was appointed to the position of Basic Science Director with the university’s Cardiovascular Discovery Institute. These were not the first administrative appointments in Stephen M. Black’s career, as he has actually been appointed to administrative leadership positions in universities and medical facilities across the country. These facilities include:


University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

UCSF is a public university that aims to save lives and improve health, and its USCF Medical Center was recently ranked among the Top 10 hospitals in the United States by the US News & World Report. Click here for more information about this medical center.

Stephen M. Black was named Laboratory Director of the UCSF Child Health Research Center in July of 1997, and he held that position until 1999 when he transitioned to Northwestern University.

Northwestern University

This private research university’s Feinberg School of Medicine has a medical campus located in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood. Among the medical school’s roughly 3,000 students are 719 MDs, 1,250 residents and fellows, 363 post-doctoral fellows, 353 PhD students, 296 Master’s students, and 400 Graduate Professional Program Students.

Stephen M. Black assumed the role of Research Director for the Division of Neonatology in 1999 and held this position until June 2003. The next month he was appointed to a leadership role with St. Patrick Hospital.

St. Patrick Hospital

This not-for-profit medical facility is located in Missoula, Montana and employs roughly 1,600 people. The facility was founded in 1873 and today holds 237 beds.

Stephen M. Black joined St. Patrick Hospital in 2003 as the Director of Vascular Biology, and stayed in this position until 2006. One year after joining St. Patrick Hospital, Stephen M. Black was appointed to a position with the University of Montana.

University of Montana

The University of Montana is also located in Missoula, and is considered the flagship of the Montana university system. The College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences conducts extensive medical training and clinical research.

Stephen M. Black became a COBRA Group Leader with the University of Montana in July, 2004. He held both positions in Missoula until 2006, when he left for Georgia Regents University.


Learn more about Stephen M. Black and his appointments by visiting his VisualCV.


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